Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of results can I expect?

The Three C’s embody our pride in service:

Competence, Clarity, and Communication.

And you can expect marketing materials that clearly tell your story and passionately speak to your customer.

2. Do you do the work yourself or outsource?

Sandprops Communication is a small firm…and frankly, we plan to remain that way. This is about business relationships…but relationships that are personal. When you honor us with your project, you will contract directly with me, Chuck Sanders. I assume primary responsibility for ALL production. However, for large projects requiring other unique expertise, we are fortunate to have talented collaboration available.

3. I’m in New York, and you’re in Washington State. Can we still work together?

Wherever your business physically resides, we can serve you. Living on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle, we have the best of both worlds…the creative inspiration of living in a ‘visual postcard’ and the benefits of a 1st class business infrastructure.

We are fortunate to have a robust business infrastructure powered by Google Apps. Likewise, our tech backbone, powered by Comcast Business Class, provides us with optimal throughput to efficiently and effectively manage your large digital files with built-in redundancies.

So whatever your needs, wherever you are, we are there!

4. How do I go about hiring you?

We want to hear from you. Visit our Contact Page and leave an email with contact information. Or give me a call at (360) 930-9565. You can also fax me at (360) 697-3628. Let me know the best time to reach you and I’ll return the call.

5. Do you ask for money upfront?

We respect your need for business planning. So we make our payment schedule very simple. We request:

  • 1/3 at project start
  • 1/3 at 1st draft, and
  • 1/3 at final draft.

6. I work in a highly technical field or a field that is very involved. How are you (or any freelance copywriter for that matter) going to understand enough about my work to write about it?

Our focus at Sandprops Communication is healthcare technology. Having had a career in academics, clinical practice, and business provides a background to understand and communicate your business’ story.

7. What programs do you use? Are you able to work with Mac and PC?

Whatever your digital platform, Mac or PC, Sandprops Communication can work with you. Whether you work in Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows or you prefer Apple iWorks Suite, we have the software to support your efforts.


If you have ANY questions that I haven't answered here just shoot me an email ( and I'll answer it for you within two business days.