What you do IS different!

...that's a fact I truly understand!


Mine is an improbable life. Even more improbable is that I credit a deadly copperhead snake for giving me my best career motivation!

But I do!

I’m Chuck Sanders, the owner of Sandprops Communication. I’m a B2B copywriter for medical device and healthcare technology companies. I’m also a voice artist. I’m fortunate. I get to do meaningful productive work for companies and people I enjoy and respect.

I enjoy working with talented teams. And I respect calendars and deadlines. This means our project communication should be easy…and hopefully fun!

But why would I choose medical devices and healthcare technology? What makes me different is that I’ve had a long career as a healthcare specialist in orthodontics. For more than 25 years I’ve served as a clinician, educator, administrator, and small business owner. That means I really understand healthcare technology at the end user level.

And looking back, a certain bent kept repeating. I have a passion for researching and understanding ‘how’ and ‘why’.

Likewise, puzzles fascinate me. I’ve always enjoyed finding solutions to puzzles that improve the quality of life for those I serve. I like knowing the ‘what’ that disturbs people’s lives. It has provided real meaning to my life.

So, that means I understand the emotions and challenges that move healthcare providers and patients. I also appreciate the unique perspectives of those whose role it is to purchase and use technology services. I’ve been there.

Some might consider poring through technical materials to be dry and uninteresting. For me, the opposite is true! It’s a treasure hunt!

 Oh, About that Copperhead!!

 I grew up in a small country town in eastern North Carolina. Selling newspapers, at age 7, gave me my first experience with work. But, to my father’s dismay, Revell plastic model planes and ships consumed every penny of my modest profits. Their intricate details hooked me! It set the stage for a lifelong fascination with science and technology.

Yet it was stoop labor, harvesting tobacco, which gave vivid lasting memories. Those memories stay with me to this day. In humid Carolina sun, my buddies and I trudged down planted rows of tobacco. Our backs bent from dawn to dusk, sticky dirty sweat drenched us.

But coming face-to-face with a deadly copperhead snake, basking in the hot sandy soil focused my mind and career FOREVER!

Somehow, I saw NO future in challenging ‘land rights’ with nasty venomous vipers!

So, I had vipers giving me the ‘push’ and the ‘pull’ of how ‘stuff’ worked. I was awake! I was ‘motivated’. I eagerly opened the exit door marked ‘Education’.

After an undergrad degree in biology and chemistry, dentistry initially drew my attention. But I found my greatest passion in orthodontics.

It was/is a puzzler’s delight!

For 20 years, I maintained an orthodontic practice in West Los Angeles. During a period of earthquakes and civil unrest in Southern California, I served as a founding director of a clinical inner city charity. I also maintained an orthodontic teaching appointment at the University of Southern California.

But life happens. And, in 1999, I found it suitable to ‘replant’ myself. I joined a large group practice in the Pacific Northwest with which I served for 14 years.

Did you know there are NO poisonous snakes in Western Washington?? AMAZING! This is home!

"During the many years we have worked together I have consistently found you to be detail oriented, proactive, insightful and having an excellent communication style that builds trust. Even more, your organizational aptitude has  enhanced your skills even further."

Dennis Deming, DDS
Managing Orthodontist
Willamette Dental

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sanders for a number of years. He places a high level of emphasis on providing superior service and is passionate about achieving excellent outcomes. His attention to detail, superior communication skills, and passion made him a joy to work with. I would highly recommend him, as I am confident he would be a significant asset for any organization."

Amy Wolff
Practice Manager
Willamette Dental

Many Options with Which to Serve Your Company's Needs

 The basic and applied sciences always provided my foundation. But words and language have always held a passionate sway with me. In fact, the power of words and ideas to shift issues still amazes me.

However, I credit my work with American Writers and Artists, Inc. with a focus. Here I learned the persuasive power of words and language as effective business tools.

Even more, my memberships in Circle of Success and Professional Writers Alliance continue to enhance and refine those skills. Indeed, COS and PWA support my services to you. They keep me current with what works for you today in this marketplace.

And finally, through Sandprops Communication, I’m proud to offer voiceover services to support your message. Through collaboration with New York City’s Edge Studio and Seattle’s VoicingSelf, we developed and refined the commercial audio services we’re proud to offer.

So, we now have even more options with which to tell your story.

Whatever you consider the best medium to reach your prospects…by audio, text, or that powerful combo, video sales letters…Sandprops Communication has you covered.

So, wherever you find yourself in the business cycle, we do understand. And we can effectively tell your story to your best prospects.

Call us today at (360) 930-9565. You can also fax us at (360) 697-3628.