• B2B copywriting

We create effective web content that conveys your message and tone to your prospect…content that converts those prospects to customers. Your business needs will vary. But wherever your needs arise in the sales cycle, we design versatile effective content that meets your business objectives.

• Website copy to establish your brand or a new product
• Email service to capture and nurture leads or build customer loyalty
• Online advertising
• Sales pages or
• Online video

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  • White papers

Healthcare Technology can be very complex. However, there is an even greater challenge in explaining it clearly and effectively to business clients.

Today, it is rare for one person to make the complete buying decision. Multiple decision makers share that responsibility. And these decision makers may come from many levels within that organization.

Their backgrounds may be business. They may be technical. Or they may be both.

White Papers are critical in educating those decision makers. Well-crafted white papers help customers understand their situations. They also help the buyer clarify their needs and their problems.

But even more, White Papers help to steer the buyer toward your product or service. There is no more effective marketing instrument.

We can provide

• Business White Papers: for business problems and business solutions,
• Technical White Papers: for technical audiences offering technical solutions, or
• Hybrid White Papers: for business readers and the technical evaluators.

Whatever your needs, we can craft a unique message. Whatever your audience, we create White Papers that tell your story. Our White Papers create demand for your product or service.

  • Case studies

Case studies effectively convert prospects to customers. Nothing compares to the story of a satisfied customer.

But case studies are also flexible sales tool.

They can be easily be repurposed for

• Media generation devices,
• Internal or external newsletters,
• Lead generation campaigns,
• Webinars,
• Sales training, or
• Buying decision assistance.

We give clear voice to those success stories. We share the real benefits your customers receive from your product or service.

We tell your customer’s best story. How did your product/service help them overcome a critical challenge and improve their business situation?

That is our purpose.

  • Online videos

Why use Online Video? In short, because they work!

Visual learners, we are told, comprise 65% of the population. Auditory learners make up the rest.

And healthcare technology messages can be complex. Yet video conveys more content per minute than any other medium. Video is content dense.

So, a well-crafted Online Video educates your prospect. No other platform is more efficient AND more effective.

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We’ll design a custom online video for your business that leaves a lasting message, a message your prospects will ‘get.'